Filthy meaning in hindi | Filthy ka matlab 

Filthy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Filthy 
Usage of Filthy: 1: He is filthy rich. 2: He has a filthy way of doing things. 3: There are too many filthy rich people now . 4: "wanting to be very dirty and draw filthy pictures," did not stay very long 5: Gandhi noticed the filthy state of women's clothes . 6: A being filthy 7: A man filthy and dirty 8: A writer, filthy writer 9: About filthy 10: Barbe filthy
Filthy ki paribhasha : jo achchhi dasha men ya kaam ka na rah gaya ho ek prakaar ke saadhu jo maila kuchaila kapad pahanate hain saahityashaastr ke anusaar kaavyaadi men aise shavdon ka prayog jinase brida, jugupsa aur amngal ki abhi- vyakti hoti ho

Filthy synonyms
muddy disheveled grubby crummy grimy grungy nasty squalid black foul gross impure loathsome offensive putrid repulsive revolting sleazy slimy slipshod sloppy slovenly smoky sooty unclean unkempt vile miry mucky uncleanly unwashed soiled begrimed blackened cruddy fecal feculent scummy soily verminous yecchy vicious indecent base bawdy blue coarse contemptible corrupt depraved despicable lewd licentious low mean pornographic raunchy scatological smutty suggestive dirty-minded foul-mouthed scurvy
Filthy antonyms
moral sterile chaste clean neat decent pure unpolluted friendly kind pleasant 
Usage of Filthy in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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