Fire up meaning in hindi | Fire up ka matlab 

Fire up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fire up 
Fire up synonyms
advance step up further hasten expedite quicken tool gun impel forward dust precipitate railroad hurry roll open up rev hammer on lay a patch lay rubber make tracks nail it peel rubber put on afterburners put pedal to metal rev up speed up step on gas activate prompt propel move influence animate incite motivate excite induce energize mobilize egg on turn on work up key up put up to work into lather disturb turn off exasperate perturb peeve bother displease vex rile irk agitate gall trouble bore worry distress beleaguer badger gnaw nudge nag pester madden abrade bedevil ruffle get needle break plague bug chafe miff tease ride nettle harass harry henpeck push button t-off ask for it be at be on the back of burn up heat up hit where one lives make waves tick off work on awaken stir spark whip up foment warm alert electrify foster call send whet rally challenge wake up begin create produce generate hatch breed secure engender muster revert compel effect introduce elicit let evoke occasion kickoff originate brainstorm break in break the ice bring to pass come out with cook up dream up make up lead to be at the bottom of get things rolling give rise to result in sow the seeds start the ball rolling think up fly run spin guide drag steer cruise operate travel transport wheel dash handle manage direct coast bike motor bicycle bear down burn rubber floor it tailgate burn up the road lean on it make sparks fly pour it on step on it step on the gas vehiculate recreate rejuvenate invigorate buoy brighten entertain galvanize spice restore renew fire hearten refresh cheer exhilarate inspirit gladden vivify divert zap buck up cheer up pep up perk up pick up jazz up juice up brace up give a lift give life to let sunshine in put pep into snap out of it spice up vivificate flicker flash explode break out blaze seethe glow shoot dazzle glare burst fume shimmer dart rant waver flutter go off boil over lose control coerce hound force sting thrust exhort irritate sound encourage trigger prick bully press goose sic rowel infuriate enrage disgust anger umbrage get a rise out of make blood boil make see red get under one's skin ignite embitter worsen exacerbate roil intensify light increase grate fan put out impassion intoxicate steam up impress embolden sway touch affect instill endue elate infect reassure carry imbue exalt enkindle infuse inform strike set up commove be responsible for give impetus give one an idea start off plot abet initiate bring about scheme raise hint insinuate persuade plan suggest add fuel rabble-rouse set on stir up sharpen bestir get smoking scandalize shock insult aggrieve defile affront ravish maltreat injure jar ravage desecrate persecute spoil mistreat misuse deflower oppress rape violate raise cain do violence to kick up a row make hit the ceiling reach boiling point ill- treat offend mortify wound absorb grab get under skin give a hard time give the business titillate promote prime bring down bring on build up roust innervate titivate enthuse call forth draw forth innerve suscitate bring to one's feet pressure bulldoze jolly oblige browbeat squeeze constrain kid strong-arm steamroll dragoon exert influence go to town on overpress push around put the screws to sell on startle heighten redouble craze aggravate magnify deepen enhance mount get going intensate zip charge dispatch barrel bolt scurry sprint hustle scramble chase streak career course tear flit fling zoom hotfoot surge scud whiz fleet get the lead out get cracking go like lightning hurry up lose no time make haste make short work of shake a leg favor countenance vitalize hook support dynamize build a fire under get one going get one started tickle enchant wow delight palpitate quiver score tingle flush tremble blow away go over big knock one's socks off race one's motor dismay unsettle bewilder unnerve distract cramp afflict rattle debilitate disconcert confound discompose disquiet unhinge derange pother discombobulate incapacitate flurry spook fluster sicken flip flip out lay up pick on rock the boat indispose adjy get to make a scene psych throw off balance recommend propose advocate request implore endorse advise sanction attract conjure entreat solicit maneuver wheedle champion beseech tempt adjure counsel rationalize plead appeal to insist on speak for freshen grasp notice understand switch on zip up
Fire up antonyms
hinder slow block cease delay dissuade repress wait decelerate impede postpone retard halt stop check discourage defer slow down prevent calm lull quiet deaden weaken bore dull depress appease comfort reassure soothe delight enchant charm aid assist mollify gratify cheer please help make happy support dishearten ignore disenchant put out receive destroy ruin deter obstruct hide end finish close cover keep walk remain curb stay stand hold mismanage neglect damage bring down enervate fatigue subdue tire kill upset exhaust surrender praise suppress leave alone pull placate pacify tranquilize compose alleviate extinguish quench cool conclude blunt dampen turn off compliment honor sanctify gladden flatter satisfy treat well misunderstand demote conceal regress soften decrease lessen slump nap sleep fix lower decline drop fall obey retreat dawdle guard protect disapprove release let go repulse be still explain mend straighten encourage order allow cure clear up settle make well place fail condemn deny refuse reject protest reply censure hurt oppose criticize answer 
Usage of Fire up in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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