Flare up meaning in hindi | Flare up ka matlab 

Flare up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Flare up 
Flare up ki paribhasha : visheshataः ghode aadi pashuon ke liye bolate hain aag ka is prakaar jalana ki lapat oopar uthe

Flare up synonyms
epidemic gush fume seethe bridle ruffle spit swell boil blow up be angry be infuriated be maddened boil over see red stand on end get one's dander up detonate appear spew break out go off vent hurl jet belch spout extravasate vomit eruct spurt discharge rupture emit throw off cast out pour forth touch off collapse mushroom shatter blast backfire convulse shiver split fracture thunder set off blow to kingdom come flame up kablooey let go protect clash challenge resist attack battle meet withstand traverse wrestle bicker tiff scuffle wrangle contend tussle tilt scrap grapple spar strive war brawl assault struggle tug box buck duel rowdy joust feud repel skirmish oppugn quarrel bear arms cross swords altercate bandy with brush with carry on war do battle exchange blows go to war mix it up ply weapons take all comers take the field take up the gauntlet wage war shine oxidize glare flash glint coruscate light kindle glow burn inflame enkindle burst into flames catch fire put match to set alight set fire to start up take fire emerge begin develop happen occur betide head loom spring originate flow befall stem eventuate chance derive emanate arise transpire dawn issue proceed fall out turn up crop up materialize come up come to light storm squabble discord discussion disagreement misunderstanding friction controversy disturbance strife debate conflict embroilment miff fuss beef uproar fracas commotion hubbub rumpus dissension squall polemic altercation variance brouhaha contention bone of contention difference of opinion falling-out bickering fireworks breakout access sally vomiting venting blow-up detonation combustion salvo fit blowout concussion pop percussion bang crack report fulmination clap firing ignition madness frenzy energy violence acrimony intensity furor ferocity indignation savagery severity power conniption acerbity sore fierceness vehemence stew turbulence force asperity might rabidity tempestuousness impetuosity boiling point rampancy slow burn gale flurry breeze surge puff annoyance tizzy needle scene umbrage displeasure huff resentment wounded feelings crash uprising onset disruption plague revolution irruption volley convulsion breaking spasm effervescence rebellion mutiny insurrection sortie beginning tumult commencement outpouring disorder bursting ebullition gushing rending sundering upheaval rapture transport shock ruckus hurt agitation excitement anger hysterics frothing fuming temper sentiment zeal joy warmth dedication devotion fervor ardor spirit affection eagerness distress ecstasy agony animation hurrah zest dolor suffering heat misery affectivity provocation snit irk grudge peeve vexation run-in argument wax animosity hemorrhage temper tantrum irritation hate exasperation vengeance hatefulness effusion wrathfulness
Flare up antonyms
be happy be quiet mend implode prove surrender give in uphold yield agree make peace believe support dull extinguish put out cool quench cause decrease lessen recede slump regress comply cooperate leave stop finish descend lower decline drop fall go along disappear dive submerge sink concurrence accord calm agreement harmony concord trickle implosion glee happiness calmness inactivity laziness lethargy inability incompetence weakness mildness peacefulness kindness powerlessness delight joy composure obedience pleasure love cheer ending continuity completion finale conclusion order dislike apathy indifference coolness health advantage hate hatred dullness disinterest comfort benefit contentment liking 
Usage of Flare up in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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