Flesh out meaning in hindi | Flesh out ka matlab 

Flesh out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Flesh out 
Usage of Flesh out: 1: OEuvre writing of flesh out of wedlock

Flesh out synonyms
reply include boost continue augment annex hike sweeten affix tag snowball supplement spike ante parlay append beef up build up figure in step up piggyback charge up cue in heat up hike up hitch on hook on hook up with jack up jazz up join together plug into pour it on run up say further slap on soup up speed up tack on magnify exaggerate strengthen heighten deepen intensify pyramid develop raise extend stretch swell lengthen enlarge expatiate widen create establish incorporate compose complete aggregate make complement construct embody frame compound integrate found enact cook up dream up fill out make up set up fudge together comment deck refine polish complicate particularize explain ornament devise specify garnish improve evolve embellish clarify produce unfold discuss interpret expound bedeck decorate work out upgrade appreciate add to increase reinforce aggrandize exalt elevate beautify lift boom adorn embroider cultivate endow better ameliorate grace hop up make rich dilate discourse drag out spell out bloat escalate distend aerate balloon spread cram surcharge overestimate maximize puff up pump up swell up overstate bulk protract spin overdraw
Flesh out antonyms
decrease detach subtract deduct lessen halt diminish reduce remove withdraw weaken play down repress compress narrow abridge condense curtail cut shorten simplify summarize stop lower contract shrink concentrate abbreviate destroy ruin exclude disarrange disperse ignore raze prevent refuse veto deny divide separate end forget neglect fail break dirty damage deface harm worsen block spoil confuse hurt make simple undermine disgrace condemn denounce demote minimize discourage take away debase depress drop fix deplete impoverish deflate let air out uncomplicate 
Usage of Flesh out in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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