Flour meaning in hindi | Flour ka matlab 

Flour meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Flour 
Usage of Flour: 1: Mix the flour with water to have consistency. 2: The cook thickened the soup by adding flour to it. 3: The flour is used for making rye bread 4: Laddu is made of flour and other ingredients formed into balls that are dipped in sugar syrup. 5: Plain flour is used to make chapaties. 6: One pound of flour will yield a standard loaf of bread, or two French loaves. 7: It is flour that provides the primary structure to the final baked bread. 8: When flour is mixed with water the water-soluble proteins dissolve 9: Water, or some other liquid, is used to form the flour into a paste or dough. 10: This yeast ferments carbohydrates in the flour
Flour ki paribhasha : chooana jisamen kisi chij ke choone yogy chhed ya daraj ho vah vastu jo kisi ko pisane ko di jaay ek prakaar ka sares jo maaand aur choone ke mel se banata hai aur baajon ke purje jodne ke kaam men aata hai paani ya kisi aur drav padaarth ko is prakaar phekana ki usake mahin chhinte phailakar idhar udhar paden ragad ya dabaav se tootakar mahin tukadon men hona

Flour synonyms
grate pound rasp crunch strew bray smash reduce cover scrape grind dredge abrade file dust crumble granulate scatter triturate comminute pestle shatter mull buck fragment splinter fragmentize crush beat mill atomize break up contriturate fragmentalize levigate micronize
Flour antonyms
solidify build surrender construct create lose 
Usage of Flour in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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