Formula meaning in hindi | Formula ka matlab 

Formula meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Formula 
Usage of Formula: 1: There is a formula to solve this problem. 2: There is no easy formula for success. 3: To de Moivre is due the well-known formula which bears his name 4: The first such representation was the Viète's formula 5: An important recent development was the Bailey-Borwein-Plouffe formula 6: This was further developed into the formula "three persons, one substance". 7: There are no variant manuscripts regarding the formula 8: The salts that result are called alkoxides, with the general formula RO- M+. 9: Its structural formula is represented as CH3COOH. Pure 10: Various elements of that formula are parodied in both movies.
Formula ki paribhasha : vidhi ya nishchay ke anukool praatibndh thode aksharon ya shabdon men kaha hua aisa pad ya vachan jo bahut arth prakat karata ho

Formula synonyms
code creed canon credo precept rubric custom way theorem rite method blueprint direction description form maxim prescription equation ritual principle rote procedure modus operandi formulary specifications
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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