Fortify meaning in hindi | Fortify ka matlab 

Fortify meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Fortify 
Usage of Fortify: 1: Zayas's mission was to fortify Baler against any possible attack. 2: Action Military Engineering fortify a city, a place to take out defenses 3: fortify a city, a place, a post, a position 4: fortify his soul, his heart 5: It also means figuratively fortify one thing by another 6: It also refers, in a particular sense, one who cultivates his reason, which conform his conduct to the principles and works to fortify his soul against the blows of fate 7: It also said the People and animals that grow, which fortify 8: Military Architecture, Art fortify seats 9: , fortify the courage 10: SE fortify a position in

Fortify synonyms
consolidate protect buttress strengthen step up reinforce build up entrench brace steel prepare bulwark support embattle prop gird ready garrison shore up charge up punch up soup up restore energize embolden invigorate stiffen confirm enliven renew refresh cheer arouse sustain hearten rally stir buck up pour it on
Fortify antonyms
harm injure loosen let down weaken decrease dissuade hurt let go unfasten neglect discourage dishearten bring down calm bore dull halt stop depress 
Usage of Fortify in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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