Gang up meaning in hindi | Gang up ka matlab 

Gang up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gang up 
Usage of Gang up: 1: All right, you guys, don't gang up on me . 2: Making common cause with someone Joining interests to those of that person, gang up with it

Gang up synonyms
amass summon collect mobilize convene meet capture huddle muster unite agglomerate reunite convoke call lump accumulate rally flock corral bunch hang around round up bring together bunch up call together come together hang out make the scene meet up scare up mix accompany join consort amalgamate hobnob confederate fraternize pool get together tie up be friends be in cahoots buddy up get in on get in with get into go along with go partners hang out with join up with line up with pal up play footsie with run around with run with string along with swing with take up with team up throw in together tie in truck with work with throng converge swarm teem raise besiege rendezvous concentrate pack congress forgather gang around crowd cluster pick draw choose show up garner poke hoard cull punch pluck herd heap aggregate stockpile marshal close with draw in pile up pour in scrape together stack up arrange organize systematize harmonize bracket link band together consolidate merge assimilate absorb cover embody fuse integrate blend charter form coalesce imbibe dub subsume start add to put together hook in circulate network rub shoulders work the room
Gang up antonyms
disperse scatter divide distribute separate cancel lose spread take apart disconnect disjoin dissociate disunite avoid disassociate divorce leave withdraw disagree sever dissemble reject squander allot misunderstand grow miss dissipate spend waste throw away deal plant disarrange disorder disorganize jumble mix up exclude drop unmix be unsociable 
Usage of Gang up in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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