Get away meaning in hindi | Get away ka matlab 

Get away meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Get away 
Usage of Get away: 1: burn some cawdung cakes and cold will get away 2: He managed to get away from the problem. 3: You can't get away with that forever . 4: Rope this guy up tight so he won't get away . 5: Max swam for it, but he didn't get away . 6: As soon as you get away from the frontier 7: Caesar attempted to get away but 8: Blessed is he that fears the Lord! Whoever said the sea: You will not get away 9: He will not get away, backward, one step forward, He will not get away , backward, forward at all, he wants to stay where it is 10: It means figuratively bringing Antipathy to get away from someone or something

Get away synonyms
escape dash decamp abscond clear out get out bust out cut and run blast off quit pull out vacate evacuate remove abandon disappear absent abdicate migrate troop secede start split scram vanish emigrate desert tergiversate perish beat it cut out hit the road sally forth shove off git go away go forth hit the bricks hit the trail make a break march out move on move out say goodbye set forth slip away start out take leave blow get off go out issue retreat bid farewell do vanishing act flake off take a hike take one's leave jump take off elude skedaddle skip avoid scoot evade scamper hotfoot bolt vamoose make off beat a hasty retreat fly the coop get the hell out make a getaway make oneself scarce make quick exit make tracks step on it step on the gas take flight make one's escape hightail hide light out hasten away make a quick exit run for it run from steal away travel pass progress repair wend mosey near journey hie cruise approach bug out get going get lost make a break for it make for run along run away set off skip out take a powder make one's way propel walk carry ship transport proceed transfer cross relocate drift change advance shift flow drive switch climb traverse actuate glide leap stir roll transpose bustle hurry crawl disturb impel budge position dislocate locomote head for off-load continue launch process keep going make progress relinquish separate surrender revoke ebb recede resign yield regress repeal rescind draw back fall back hand over turn in rusticate absent oneself deny oneself give ground give up work give way go to bed go to sleep hit the sack leave service make vacant pull back seclude oneself sever connections stop working go to one's room disengage eliminate drop out abjure book quail recoil detach extract shrink back out bail out bow out check out phase out draw away ease out exfiltrate keep aloof keep apart take away take out break out emerge duck circumvent dodge shun elope double cut loose burst out duck out get away with give someone the slip go scot-free make getaway play hooky run off run out on take it on the lam take on the lam work out of wriggle out pension put out to pasture
Get away antonyms
remain fasten mend put together obey stabilize cause hide wait face stay attach fix join secure agree strengthen allow keep quiet secret persevere come in combine continue fill occupy enter arrive linger keep to surrender dissuade discourage stop go in dawdle meet take on stand walk confront open land stay on ground create break disagree mismatch be born decrease cease retreat retrogress repress dally calm delay slow pause dishearten hold decline halt leave alone rest order increase advance approve begin unite permit engage appear aid assist encounter accept help forge 
Usage of Get away in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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