Get hands on meaning in hindi | Get hands on ka matlab 

Get hands on meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Get hands on 
Get hands on ki paribhasha : doosare ke haath se apane haath men karana

Get hands on synonyms
amass earn buy win pick up bring in gain collect promote achieve take cop land secure annex gather procure wangle snag access catch corral hustle rack up get hold of latch onto lock up scare up take possession of embezzle misappropriate borrow confiscate pilfer swipe snatch pocket filch lift hijack liberate clap get fingers on glom on to grab hold of moonlight requisition take over commandeer expropriate seize arrogate preempt clap hands on glom onto kipe reach reap realize complete unzip hit score succeed grasp fulfill effect arrive bring off come through pull off accede to arrive at get fat get there make it draw elicit parlay extract capture accomplish glean net educe snowball compass extort clear inherit bag evoke fetch build up buy off chalk up come by buy into buy out cash in on clean up make a buy make a killing snap up succeed to enjoy include bear accept keep admit own carry retain hog occupy corner take in have in hand latch on to sit on teem with maintain control dominate be blessed with be born with be endowed with corner the market have to name hear derive perceive apprehend redeem pull down be given be in receipt of be informed be told come into get from entangle round up enmesh pull in lure wire seduce decoy involve arrest tempt entrap wrest supplant displace barge in butt in cut out highjack accroach elbow in infringe upon lay hold of muscle in squeeze in work in worm in clutch nab pluck nail hook grapple collar catch hold of take hold of get one's fingers on get one's hands on lay one's hands on clinch clench clasp clap a hand on lay hands on retrieve recover purchase hoard invade save salvage drum up get at lay up beg borrow or steal gobble up make use of scrape together scrape up
Get hands on antonyms
disperse scatter misunderstand forfeit release forgo relinquish surrender divide spend lose throw away fail miss pass give give up let go yield refuse reject bequeath bestow pay return receive keep doubt offer not do leave let alone not believe not take ignore desert give in hurt neglect depart abandon disallow avoid repress overtake overthrow misconstrue dissuade calm soothe push repel repulse stop drop free mismanage discourage please lack need exclude dodge deny dispute dispossess forsake want kill not have renounce misconceive donate halt deliver turn away liberate loosen disenchant turn off be immune disgust squander endanger harm sacrifice plant distribute waste 
Usage of Get hands on in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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