Get into meaning in hindi | Get into ka matlab 

Get into meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Get into 
Usage of Get into: 1: Their comments stung him to get into a fight. 2: Please don't get into a mess in the park . 3: I've got to get into town . 4: As bone-char does not get into the sugar 5: To get into the show courts 6: Automobiles are still the main means to get into the city. 7: He wants to get into this business without putting hers 8: I asked you if you wanted to get into this business, I withdraw my proposal 9: insinuate, to get into someone's mind inspire a person any opinion, some design 10: It also means out of an obscure middle to get into a bright environment
Get into ki paribhasha : kapade athava gahane ko sharir par dhaaran karana

Get into synonyms
incorporate get assimilate learn understand follow take in grasp sense digest comprehend latch onto soak up mix accompany join mingle consort amalgamate hobnob confederate fraternize pool get together hang around tie up be friends be in cahoots buddy up bunch up come together gang up get in on get in with go along with go partners hang out hang out with join up with line up with pal up play footsie with run around with run with string along with swing with take up with team up throw in together tie in truck with work with attach relate bridge affix span correlate wed couple conjoin unite tag yoke equate fasten cohere marry ally hook up consociate come aboard hitch on hook on interface meld with network with plug into slap on tack on tag on tie in with adopt receive welcome accept take advantage of have embody seize cover involve admit enclose accommodate contain encompass subsume grab comprise take on deal with avail oneself of go in for make use of provide for uphold defend advocate maintain approve back champion stand behind devote supply spend lend endue advance plunge loan stake bankroll sink infuse entrust endow imbue lay out salt away buy into buy stock pick up the tab plow back into put in put up dough persuade convince sway alter conviction be born again cause to adopt change belief don show get on wrap bear carry sport put on display exhibit array harness effect attire draw on turn out slip on be dressed in clothe oneself dress in fit out have on suit up engross consume immerse monopolize start begin open enroll muster enlist subscribe inaugurate commence become member commit oneself get oneself into lead off participate in set about set out on set to sign on sign up tee off
Get into antonyms
misunderstand disperse eject emit exude spew vomit distract miss dissipate not get disconnect disjoin dissociate disunite avoid disassociate divorce divide separate leave withdraw disagree part sever detach loosen unlink imbalance reject repudiate exclude release disbelieve distrust shun turn away let go free desert disallow refuse forsake attack oppose increase divest take rise take out take away deny renounce leave alone conceal hide uncover unwrap disrobe freshen refresh delight abandon take off rebuild cheer please mistake neglect overlook misinterpret complete dodge exit abstain refrain delete erase conclude die end finish stop depart forget 
Usage of Get into in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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