Get out meaning in hindi | Get out ka matlab 

Get out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Get out 
Usage of Get out: 1: it took two strokes to get out of the bunker 2: He was asked to get out of the hall. 3: I managed to get out a few words 4: Stop this Kybosh and get out of the room. 5: Psst! Lets get out now before they see us. 6: I'm tired as all get out . 7: Let's get out our bikes and go for a spin . 8: It's time to get on my horse and get out of here . 9: We were lucky to get out with our lives . 10: Please let the president get out of the car .
Get out ki paribhasha : ek sthaan se doosare sthaan par praapt hone ke liye gati men hona

Get out synonyms
leave go take off break out avoid alight beat it begone bug off clear out decamp depart dodge duck egress evacuate evade exit flee fly scram shirk shun skedaddle split vacate vamoose withdraw hightail be off buzz off extricate oneself free oneself kite make tracks run away take a hike
Get out antonyms
capture grab come stay seize 
Usage of Get out in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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