Good hearted meaning in hindi | Good hearted ka matlab 

Good hearted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Good hearted 
Good hearted synonyms
cordial good-humored amiable even-tempered friendly agreeable altruistic benevolent bighearted breezy charitable complaisant compliant easy helpful lenient mild moderate nice obliging tolerant acquiescent good-hearted marshmallow softie well-disposed willing to please genial accommodating courteous congenial compassionate polite approachable courtly hospitable well-mannered affable considerate sociable loving amicable beneficent benign big-hearted bland chivalrous civil forthcoming gallant indulgent merciful pleasing stately suave tender unctuous urbane benignant bonhomous sympathetic affectionate kindhearted gentle thoughtful humane humanitarian understanding clement eleemosynary neighborly philanthropic propitious soft touch softhearted tenderhearted bounteous all heart bleeding-heart heart in right place attentive beneficial cool favorable generous hearty mellow pleasant
Good hearted antonyms
aloof unfriendly unsociable hateful cool disagreeable mean rude bad indifferent irritable surly discourteous impolite uncivil unmannerly incompatible uncongenial disrespectful sarcastic unkind cold unrefined nasty severe ungiving ungracious vulgar merciless uncaring unfeeling unsympathetic antagonistic inconsiderate uncompassionate cruel inattentive ungenerous disliking inhumane hard harsh rough violent unmindful thoughtless bitter heedless unkindly 
Usage of Good hearted in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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