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Gracious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Gracious 
As adjective : अनुकम्पाशील Ex:  He is a very gracious human being. अनुग्रहयुक्त Ex:  constantly kind and gracious अभिरुप Ex:  Elizabeth's open and gracious responses endeared her to the spectators आनृशंस Ex:  A gracious salvation आरामदेह Ex:  Do whatever is gracious करमफरमा Ex:  Gesture, gracious smile करुणानिधान Ex:  It is, in colloquial language, a Servant gracious and sassy करुणानिधि Ex:  These actors have lent gracious support to this charity event उ:   करुणानिधि तमिल साहित्य में अपने योगदान के लिए मशहूर हैं। करुणापर Ex:  This man is a gracious mood करुणावान Ex:  This person has the first easy, graceful, is to approachable, gracious करूणाकर Ex:  This woman is very gracious कृपाशील Ex:  , gracious be like the door of a prison is said of someone who has the first surly and rude manners क्लिन्नहृद् घृणालु घृती दयाकर दयामय उ:   परम दयामय हृदय तुम्हारो। दयालु उ:   यहाँ के लोग बहुत दयालु प्रवृत्ति के थे। दयाशील धिष्णय प्रसादस्थ भावाव मुशफिक मृदुल मेहरबान रमणीय उ:   नगीन कश्मीर में एक रमणीय सरोवर है। साधुधी सानुक्रोश सुम्नी स्वरूपवान
Other : करीम Ex:  It has worked for me in the most gracious manner उ:   करीम बख्श, एक उपद्रवी जिसकी योजना का पर्दाफ़ाश पैटरसन करता है। सुन्दर उ:   उनका बेटा, सुन्दर लापता हो जाता है।

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Gracious synonyms

cordial genial accommodating amiable courteous congenial compassionate polite approachable courtly hospitable well-mannered good-natured affable considerate friendly sociable loving amicable beneficent benevolent benign big-hearted bland charitable chivalrous civil complaisant easy forthcoming gallant indulgent lenient merciful mild obliging pleasing stately suave tender unctuous urbane benignant bonhomous good-hearted

Gracious antonyms

aloof indifferent unfriendly unsociable irritable hateful surly discourteous impolite uncivil unmannerly incompatible uncongenial disrespectful sarcastic unkind cool disagreeable cold mean rude unrefined nasty severe ungiving ungracious vulgar

Usage of Gracious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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