Grind meaning in hindi | Grind ka matlab 

Grind meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Grind 
Usage of Grind: 1: Its not easy to bear the grind of a Metropolis. 2: Please grind the fennel seeds up . 3: Turkish grind is the finest grind 4: Absolutely Since he meshed, it is for him to grind 5: Absolutely, the mill does not have enough water, it can grind six months of the year 6: Action grind 7: Action grind 8: Action to grind wheat 9: Coffee grinder, pepper, Small mill to grind coffee, pepper 10: Grinding stone, stone of a very fine grain and very tight, which is used to grind the colors
Grind ki paribhasha : ragad ya pisakar tukade tukade karana kisi ke pichhe padna ek vastu ko doosari vastu par rakhakar khoob dabaate hooe idhar udhar phiraana niche oopar rakhe hue patthar ke do gol aur bhaari pahiyon ka bana hua yntr jisamen aata pisa jaata hai ya daana dala jaata hai vah vastu jo kisi ko pisane ko di jaay kisi padaarth ko doosare padaarth par rakhakar dabaate hue baar baar idhar udhar chalaana

Grind synonyms
chore drudgery task travail rote treadmill labor pace sweat routine toil moil groove rut hard work grubwork grate reduce scrape crumble pound granulate beat disintegrate bray attenuate shiver powder file rasp atomize crumple abrade triturate kibble comminute pestle chop up levigate roll out grit whet smooth polish gnash sand give an edge to annoy afflict vex tyrannize harass plague persecute trouble hound hold down
Grind antonyms
entertainment fun pastime break liberate build free dull roughen aid soothe comfort assist please help 
Usage of Grind in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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