Hand me downs meaning in hindi | Hand me downs ka matlab 

Hand me downs meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hand me downs 
Hand me downs synonyms
apparel array caparison costume covering drag dress duds ensemble equipment finery frippery frock garb gear habiliment habit outfit rags raiment regalia rigging sack things threads trappings vestment wardrobe wear accouterment panoply sportswear sunday best civvies drapery full feather garments get-up hand-me-downs livery mufti overclothes tailleur tatters toggery togs tout ensemble trousseau underclothes vesture vines weeds zoot suit premium offering grant bonus relief tip benefit award souvenir subsidy favor donation legacy contribution reward endowment tribute present allowance dispensation remembrance benefaction pittance bequest gratuity philanthropy honorarium boon bounty subscription presentation libation ration lagniappe oblation courtesy provision charity handout token bestowal alms giveaway largesse fairing write-off remittance offertory goodie glad rags feathers
Hand me downs antonyms
loss hurt forfeit penalty taking 
Usage of Hand me downs in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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