Hang out meaning in hindi | Hang out ka matlab 

Hang out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hang out 
Usage of Hang out: 1: Kids hang out too much these days .
Hang out ki paribhasha : van ka vah vibhaag jahaaan shera, chite aadi ke rahane ki maaanden hon

Hang out synonyms
bar den dive hole home joint purlieu rendezvous resort stamping ground honky-tonk stomping ground watering hole affect dally frequent loiter reside roam swell tarry waste time get along with have relations with spend time stand around perch squat crash room bunk settle lodge nest inhabit roost bunk out follow guide attend escort lead spook convoy guard consort chaperon squire dog drag draft conduct date usher shadow come along string along tailgate associate with go along hang around with keep company look after shlep along show about show around stick to tag along take out amass summon collect mobilize convene meet capture huddle muster unite agglomerate reunite convoke call lump accumulate rally flock corral bunch round up bring together bunch up call together come together gang up make the scene meet up scare up amalgamate hobnob confederate fraternize pool get together tie up be friends be in cahoots buddy up get in on get in with get into go along with go partners hang out with join up with line up with pal up play footsie with run around with run with string along with swing with take up with team up throw in together tie in truck with work with count on anticipate sweat hope be prepared for be ready for hang in look for look forward to sweat it out cool one's heels continue stick around hold the phone lie in wait watch for throng converge swarm teem raise besiege concentrate pack congress forgather gang around procrastinate mosey saunter trifle amble lag dilly-dally idle lounge poke toddle loll stroll fool around fritter away lazy put off bum around diddle-daddle get no place fast scrounge around sit around warm a chair sit on one's butt hole up exist park rest rent occupy tent locate stop tenant flop sojourn quarter establish oneself keep house pitch tent hang one's hat make one's home crowd cluster pick draw choose show up garner hoard cull punch pluck herd heap aggregate stockpile marshal close with draw in pile up pour in scrape together stack up coast doodle horse around mess around shirk slack dog it featherbed fiddle around fluff off lollygag monkey around putz around screw off take it easy drag one's feet arrange organize systematize harmonize bracket link band together repair visit habituate infest tarry at drift shuffle slouch hesitate traipse putter plod falter mope totter tool trail hobble crawl vacillate trudge stagger lumber dillydally be dilatory be long be tardy wait around take one's time stall relax goldbrick evade malinger dream vegetate kill time let down piddle be inactive be indolent be slothful be unoccupied knock around lounge around not lift a finger pass time slow down twiddle thumbs while away hours circulate network rub shoulders work the room hover go on endure persist last prevail survive freeze delay cling halt outlast pause outlive bivouac be left hold over hold the fort keep on make camp put on hold remain standing sit out sit through stay behind stay in stay over stay put mark time cool it fill time hold on keep your shirt on lie low stand by bide one's time entertain league club go out get around chum with get about make advances make the rounds pal around tie up with reprieve respite outstay put down roots stay out expect foresee hold back hang onto your hat hold everything keep shirt on save it sit up for stay up for communalize
Hang out antonyms
condemn despise dispute reject resist shun migrate refuse go leave move depart pass quit stop carry on continue disregard ignore desert neglect abandon lose withdraw disperse scatter divide distribute separate cancel spread take apart disconnect disjoin dissociate disunite avoid disassociate divorce disagree sever doubt complete cease hurry halt finish hasten speed run rush forward push advance dissemble squander allot misunderstand grow miss dissipate spend waste throw away deal plant disarrange disorder disorganize jumble mix up go ahead remain forge tiptoe die not use achieve energize labor face meet work hard be unsociable detach disengage segregate remove unmix discontinue lie exclude carry out 
Usage of Hang out in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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