Hard nosed meaning in hindi | Hard nosed ka matlab 

Hard nosed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hard nosed 
Hard nosed synonyms
uncompromising no-nonsense bullheaded inflexible mulish obstinate pigheaded stubborn stubborn as a mule unsentimental astute intractable levelheaded pertinacious practical pragmatic rational realistic resolute sensible shrewd sober stand pat willful locked in tough-nut determined intransigent insistent rigid firm set stiff fixed inexorable relentless unbending unrelenting unshakable unbendable hanging tough set in stone standing pat unswayable derisive haughty insulting disrespectful condescending disdainful scornful audacious bold cavalier cheeky cool high and mighty opprobrious sardonic sneering snippy snobbish snooty snotty supercilious temperamental uppity upstage contumelious cold-shoulder derisory dog it high hat on high horse tenacious steadfast indefatigable unflagging staunch single-minded steady persevering perseverant perseverative tough nut callous rough strict unfeeling hard as nails hard-shelled militant hard-core ungiving unkind rude ruthless cruel brutal unpleasant punitive sharp bitter grim austere discourteous dour gruff hairy pitiless uncivil ungracious wicked comfortless cussed impulsive contrary foolhardy froward heedless imprudent murder pig-headed rash reckless refractory uncontrollable ungovernable unruly locked-in self-willed strong-minded motionless impassive immobile stationary immutable constant solid stable quiescent rooted secure stuck unalterable unchangeable unwavering dead set on dug in immotile set in concrete stick to guns unmodifiable vile dangerous malicious vicious evil ugly dirty nasty touch sinking malign sour down bad-tempered cantankerous churlish contemptible despicable difficult disagreeable dishonorable formidable ignoble ill-tempered infamous knavish lousy perfidious pesky rotten rugged scurrilous shameless snide treacherous troublesome unfriendly unscrupulous vexatious liverish low-down and dirty the lowest heartless implacable iron thick-skinned uncooperative unemotional unsympathetic indurate uncompassionate cold fish hard-hearted stiff-necked tough nut to crack unimpressible grouchy cranky grumpy crabby crusty irritable quarrelsome surly testy contradictory abnormal capricious contumacious corrupt cross degenerate delinquent depraved deviant disobedient erring fractious miscreant nefarious petulant rebellious spiteful unhealthy unmanageable unreasonable villainous wayward serious astringent biting caustic close cutting earnest flinty forbidding grave inconsiderate oppressive peremptory satirical scathing strait-laced tight-lipped unchanging unsparing disapproving iron-handed resolved unsmiling ascetic disciplinary dyed-in-the-wool frowning rigorous steely by the book hang-tough mortified forceful binding demanding exacting ironclad draconian acrimonious by the numbers compelling confining convincing drawing picky poignant powerful valid brick-wall iron-fisted unpermissive vehement clear deep courageous resilient potent fierce aggressive intelligent intense brave cogent dedicated eager fervent fervid gutsy handful independent keen perceptive plucky pushy resourceful sagacious self-assertive violent zealous iron-willed take charge terrible desperate narrow savage arbitrary confirmed drastic ferocious merciless pugnacious taut unforgiving hard-bitten ruffianly uncompliant unmovable immalleable impliable hang tough level-headed strong-willed
Hard nosed antonyms
sentimental laid-back merciful easy easy-going willing irresolute lenient indefinite movable submissive supple flexible yielding weak soft moving unfixed pliant flattering respectful polite respected praising humble shy unreliable unstable indifferent undetermined surrendering tolerant inexact kind facile considerate friendly compassionate pleasant wonderful cheerful peaceful pleasing courteous gentle nice giving sympathetic mild calm agreeable good bland smooth docile obedient moderate mobile changeable undecided inconstant untrustworthy loose wavering moral unselfish sensitive safe decent upright clean happy generous noble extreme susceptible amenable helpful compliant reasonable compromising temperate funny light smiling pliable impotent ineffective meek fragile unintelligent feeble infirm complacent uncaring indistinct vague pale slack tender dull unhealthy obscure delicate low unpowerful mistakable uncertain vulnerable wobbly controllable cooperative unrealistic stupid irrational unreasonable weak-willed 
Usage of Hard nosed in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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