Harsh meaning in hindi | Harsh ka matlab 

Harsh meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Harsh 
Usage of Harsh: 1: he is unjustifiably harsh on her 2: A black bird with a harsh sound. 3: The reindeers are able to survive in the perils of harsh winter. 4: You were much too harsh with Jean . 5: In spite of the nearby swampy lowlands and harsh winters 6: Tsar Alexander perhaps best summed up the harsh times for the Allies by stating 7: Alaska, and other areas with harsh terrain. 8: This harsh policy, however, did not pacify the country. 9: A long period of harsh suppression by the government 10: Because of the harsh climate and ice-bound terrain
Harsh ki paribhasha : jisaka grahan duःkhadaayak ho shabda, vachana, ukti ya inake paryaayon ke saath jisamen ghi, tel aadi chikane padaarth na pade hon .... shatrutaapoorn koi bhi sookhi hui vastu ya padaarth jisako chhune se haath men karan ya rave gade bura ya uddhegajanak

Harsh synonyms
hard grim severe rigid sharp bitter strident bleak coarse acrid astringent cacophonous clashing cracked craggy disagreeing discordant dissonant disturbing earsplitting flat glaring grating guttural hoarse incompatible jagged jarring noisy off-key rasping raucous rugged rusty sour uneven unrelenting croaking unmusical asperous caterwauling creaking jangling not smooth out-of-key out-of-tune screeching stridulous tuneless unlevel unmelodious tough unkind ruthless cruel brutal relentless unpleasant punitive stern austere discourteous dour gruff hairy hard-boiled hard-nosed mean pitiless uncivil unfeeling ungracious wicked comfortless hard-shell cussed
Harsh antonyms
pliable facile pleasant cheerful kind peaceful pleasing courteous polite flexible pliant soft yielding easy mild nice bright sunny calm moderate bland low gentle smooth inexact tolerant considerate friendly compassionate merciful wonderful giving sympathetic agreeable good 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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