Have done with meaning in hindi | Have done with ka matlab 

Have done with meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Have done with 
Have done with synonyms
relinquish abstain cease forbear quit suspend halt avoid discontinue yield pause resign abandon break off knock off leave off surcease give over give up not do shed repeal dump renounce dispose of scrap dispense with remove cancel eliminate reject ditch jettison oust junk abjure abdicate expel repudiate divorce cashier chuck dispatch protest dispossess desert banish do away with shake off throw away throw out write off deep-six adios cast aside free of part with put by sweep away throw overboard toss aside decline disband release dissolve disperse rid chase relegate boot abolish bundle deport detach supersede clear repel outlaw brush off cast off do without kick out send packing turn out let go cast out drive out force out let out lock out push aside push back send off show out slough off stop lose scratch forfeit terminate abort jilt scrub separate sacrifice interrupt disown remit break with call off eighty-six wipe out be alienated from dust off forget about part from wash out waste one accomplish complete conclude wind up clinch wrap up settle close make achieve perfect execute finalize crown culminate effect shutter fold ultimate determine fulfill discharge break up round off round up shut down bag it bring to a close carry through deal with get out of the way hang it up make short work of mop up put finishing touches on sew up top off spurn forgo forswear disclaim surrender walk out on set aside drift away kiss goodbye leave flat leave high and dry run out on show the door take the oath change one's tune wash one's hands of
Have done with antonyms
complete persist restart go on persevere resume continue finish carry on endure keep on sanction uphold choose ratify welcome approve save allow retain accept take in admit embrace legalize permit preserve hire promote maintain appoint employ engage secure schedule set up marry pour ascend take up begin initiate stay downpour mount rise pursue destroy commence unsettle disregard ignore store create fail lose miss neglect give up introduce open forget leave overlook bear not finish claim go back revert rediscover return 
Usage of Have done with in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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