Havoc meaning in hindi | Havoc ka matlab 

Havoc meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Havoc 
Usage of Havoc: 1: Mice are creating a havoc here. 2: The soldiers wreaked havoc on the enemy . 3: I didn't mean to play havoc with them . 4: It wreaked much havoc on us . 5: Enter sudden and unexpected enemies in a country, usually accompanied by damage and havoc 6: Fire took the gun, and the inflammation was so quick that she made a horrible havoc 7: It meant Action formerly transform a region, city in solitude, by exercising havoc 8: Make the havoc 9: Phylloxera made great havoc in vineyards 10: The enemies make great havoc in the countryside
Havoc ki paribhasha : bhu aadi lokon ka na rah jaana kasht pahuanchaanevaali aakasmik ghatana

Havoc synonyms
devastation catastrophe disruption confusion chaos mayhem calamity cataclysm destruction ruination loss wreckage dilapidation desolation damage plunder shambles vandalism waste disorder rack and ruin ravages despoiling
Havoc antonyms
building good luck happiness miracle calm boon construction creation blessing good fortune wonder order organization system harmony peace 
Usage of Havoc in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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