Heating meaning in hindi | Heating ka matlab 

Heating meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Heating 
Usage of Heating: 1: forced-air heating 2: Most houses in Reykjavík use the geothermal heating system. 3: It may be transferred into a body by heating 4: The sides, or ribs, are made by heating the wood and bending it around forms. 5: Cold process soap making is done without heating the soap batter 6: In cold climates, houses with their heating systems form dissipative systems. 7: It is also possible that such heating may continue today 8: The effects of the surface – heating 9: Amsterdam suffered a food shortage, and heating fuel became scarce. 10: Air from compressor stages is also used for heating of the fan
Heating ki paribhasha : rajogun kaamadev ke paaanch baanon men se ek ek praakratik shakti jisaka prabhaav padaarthon ke pighalane, bhaap banane aadi vyaapaaron men dekha jaata hai aur jisaka anubhav agni, soory ki kiran aadi ke roop men indriyon ko hota hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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