Heavy handed meaning in hindi | Heavy handed ka matlab 

Heavy handed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Heavy handed 
Usage of Heavy handed: 1: Security became increasingly heavy handed
Heavy handed ki paribhasha : jisaki banaavat men ang pratyng ki saapekshik chhotaayi badai ka dhyaan na rakha gaya ho

Heavy handed synonyms
coercive cruel harsh severe inept graceless unskillful bumbling bulky ungainly unwieldy ponderous bungling crude elephantine gawky helpless hulking incompetent inelegant inexperienced inexpert lumbering lumpish unable uneasy untoward untactful weedy all thumbs blundering blunderous butterfingered clownish gawkish ham-handed ill-shaped lubberly splay stumbling unadept undexterous unhandy untalented strict drastic brutal exorbitant extreme rough very severe awkward green halting ignorant ill-mannered insensitive lacking uncultured unhappy unpolished ill-bred ungraceful klutzy clunky floundering two left feet dumb half-witted idiotic moronic simple simpleminded slow unintelligent onerous overbearing dictatorial unjust inhuman depressing burdensome backbreaking bleak confining demanding despotic discouraging dismal exacting exigent gloomy grievous grinding headache hefty mean somber taxing tough troublesome weighty dispiriting depressive disheartening ironhanded rough going superincumbent repressive authoritarian ruthless totalitarian domineering autocratic insufferable intolerable unacceptable enough inadmissible last straw unsurpassable a bit much like a bull in a china shop not agile barbaric boorish cheap coarse crass discourteous gross impertinent impolite loud loutish raunchy rustic strange tacky uncalled-for uncivil uncivilized ungentlemanly unrefined unseemly vulgar disgracious loud-mouthed ungenteel ineligible incapable inadequate impotent useless unqualified unprepared debilitated incapacitated amateur bush league feeble ineffective inefficient maladjusted unskilled untrained weak unapt unpracticed ill-equipped unfitted disqualified butter-fingered no good not cut out for not equal to not up to unproficient commonplace corny everyday humdrum indifferent old hat ordinary prosaic stale sterile stock unexciting unimaginative uninteresting unmoved yawn bromidic uncreative uninventive unimpressed uninspiring phoned in obstinate rigid stilted unbending unyielding impossible
Heavy handed antonyms
kind gentle mild adroit dexterous agile clever expert graceful athletic coordinated couth calm temperate amenable easy-going elegant mannerly tactful tasteful polished refined sophisticated capable skillful diplomatic nice sensitive relieving cool democratic compassionate considerate sympathetic tolerable acceptable bearable good cultivated competent adequate appropriate suitable willing qualified strong fit ready creative inspired original bending pliable flexible 
Usage of Heavy handed in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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