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Height meaning in hindi

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As noun : अड़ाव Ex:  A point is dimensionless as it has no length, width, thickness or height etc. उचाई Ex:  The empire reached its height during Ahuitzotl's reign उच्चत्व Ex:  The height required for this to occur in most cats is around 3 feet . उच्छ्रय उच्छ्राय Ex:  At the height of the Great Depression उठाव Ex:  The Crown was at the height of its power during the reign of Henry VIII . उ:   देखे गए स्विंग राशि के लिए परिकलित कुल उठाव बल पर्याप्त नहीं होता। ऊँचाई Ex:  The Fiat Tagliero Building shows almost the height of futurism उ:   इसकी औसत ऊँचाई २०,००० फुट है। ऊठ Ex:  It is also the second-largest extant bird in the world by height ऊर्द्ध्व Ex:  During the height of Urartian power गिरिकूट Ex:  Yerevan was conquered, during the height of Arab invasions. चरम सीमा Ex:  At the height of the Turkish-Persian wars तुंगत्व Ex:  It was the first of its type that rose to a height of 13 meters तुंगिमा Ex:  The Cornu helicopter would achieve a height of nearly 2 meters पराकाष्ठा Ex:  At the height of this program उ:   आज का मशीनों से लड़ा जाने वाला युद्ध अमानवीयता की पराकाष्ठा है। फराजी Ex:  The height of the slabs is not known. बुलंदी Ex:  The height of the cathedral is 95 m. लम्बाई Ex:  At the height of his career उ:   जिसकी लम्बाई २९०० किलोमीटर है। वकअत Ex:  The second had been dropped an hour later and gave the height as 600 meters. शिखर Ex:  Under Charlemagne the Franks reached the height of their power. उ:   यह हिन्दू मन्दिरों के शिखर पर भी पाया जाता है। शिषर ‡ Ex:  Snaefell, with a height of 2,036 feet . समुच्छय Ex:  At the height of the last ice age around 12000 years ago समुच्छाय Ex:  During the height of the Vietnam War समुत्सेध Ex:  Borg was at the height of his career from 1978 through 1980 सम्मूर्छन Ex:  It is over three times the height of Mt. हेमश्रृंग Ex:  The height is estimated as up to 60 meters. कद उ:   पर कुछ कॉमिक्स में अपना कद सामान्य से कहीं ज्यादा सिकोड़ दिया गया था।
Other : उँचान Ex:  He hung on ropes for height increment. उँचास Ex:  Ash was propelled to a height of 50 miles . उंचाई Ex:  At the height of the conflict उ:   शरीर की उंचाई के हिसाब से वजन हो। उच्चता Ex:  Two antennas will increase that height to 120m. उ:   दही एवं घी के पोषण मान की उच्चता से सभी परिचित हैं। उठान Ex:  Occupying the post from 1939 to 1944 during the height of World War II चढ़ाई Ex:  Near the height of his quarrels with Archbishop Colloredo तुंगता Ex:  This information includes height लंबाई Ex:  Standing at nearly seven feet in height उ:   मंदिर की लंबाई ८९' और चौड़ाई ४५' है।
Height ki paribhasha : vah pratishtha ya maanasoochak pad jo raajy athava kisi snstha aadi ki or se kisi yogy vyakti ko milata hai kisi pradesh ya vastu ke vistaar ka antim sthaan sir ke madhy men ke thode se aur kuchh bade baal jo praayaः hindou nahin mudane ya kaatate mndir ya makaan ke oopar ka nikala hua nukila sira brahma ki aadhi aayu meharaab ke paat ke madhyavidu aur jhukaav ke madhyavindu ka antar aannd ya harsh denevaala

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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