Hold down meaning in hindi | Hold down ka matlab 

Hold down meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hold down 
Hold down synonyms
repress collar contain cork corner cramp enclose entrap restrain box up bring to naught coop up cover up hold in keep back keep feeling inside oneself keep secret shut in control prevent halt stop reduce arrest obstruct repulse thwart neutralize terminate obviate harness snub counteract tame circumvent bottleneck delay checkmate moderate frustrate retard stay baffle foil pause impede interrupt rebuff discourage bar preclude choke limit squelch bridle cut short nip in the bud play for time rein in slacken pace slow down bind necessitate constrict incarcerate chain immure deprive coerce intern make compel confine urge oblige pressure disallow hog-tie deny drive impel jail imprison ban concuss pressurize cool off hem in keep lid on put half nelson on shotgun hinder hamper clog fetter subdue cook abstain muzzle manacle leash ice shackle scrub refrain hobble tie up box in bring to screeching halt cool down entrammel keep tight rein on send up annoy afflict vex tyrannize harass plague persecute trouble hound defer forbear postpone put off refuse keep out prohibit forbid outlaw stymie avert faze interdict enjoin taboo ward sandbag hang up keep in put on brakes regulate run dominate oversee conduct administer maintain supervise handle govern operate guide concert influence direct disburse instruct captain manipulate engineer wield designate head superintend advocate watch counsel ply boss officiate pilot execute request rule preside command steer carry on take over take care of call the shots call upon care for engage in run the show take the helm watch over fasten fix affix clasp immobilize secure pinion hold fast narrow decrease shorten diminish define bound surround circumscribe tether shrink demarcate encircle handicap modify qualify delimit contract temper come down on put away delimitate inclose demark keep within bounds keep within limits pin down prelimit put on ice quench censor cut off abolish crush quash overthrow overcome snuff out stamp out quell put down conceal silence clamp annihilate muffle smother shush squash overpower trample conquer spike extinguish crack down on put an end to burke beat down put kibosh on put lid on sit on overburden overload sadden bear down get down oppress prey on pull down task weight worry cumber press down weigh upon deduct hide resist retain detain kill reserve hold out clam up dummy up hold out on keep to oneself keep under wraps stop oneself keep under one's hat satisfy appease relax assuage please soften soothe pacify mollify allay square reconcile palliate stroke lull ameliorate still compose console becalm quieten gratify soft-pedal tranquilize smooth settle calm down fix up shut up inactivate can it cool it cool out hold it down patch things up take the bite out of button one's lip suffocate strangle asphyxiate stultify stagnate black out hush up constipate torpedo choke back clamp down dry up put the lid on
Hold down antonyms
let go confide reveal tell aid assist abet permit release include welcome facilitate expedite liberate allow help continue encourage support forward open approve advance free indulge loosen dissuade delay repress leave alone discourage halt stop incite go ahead promote foster soothe comfort please push obey surrender ignore bumble mismanage serve follow yield forget neglect oppose hurt fail detach disjoin unfasten unlatch unpin increase enlarge grow lengthen unbind unloose stretch expand develop raise extend untie sanction build up compliment praise give in start light delight cheer grant disclose divulge uncover use expose lay bare let out show go along anger annoy worry excite upset irritate provoke agitate depress trouble disagree disturb move aggravate turn up create persuade begin bear 
Usage of Hold down in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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