Hotshot meaning in hindi | Hotshot ka matlab 

Hotshot meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Hotshot 
Hotshot synonyms
adroit proficient deft capable skillful skilled accomplished versed expert ace crackerjack clean wizard smooth slick savvy whiz quick sharp brainy dexterous masterful masterly on the ball practiced there know stuff no dummy no slouch on the beam sharp as a tack up to speed nobody's fool navigator flier pilot jockey eagle aeronaut barnstormer airperson bird legs vip big cheese big shot big wheel bigwig boss tycoon big enchilada big fish big gun biggie boss man head honcho important person top dog very important person know-it-all egotist windbag boaster blowhard bragger swashbuckler exhibitionist blatherskite braggadocio bigmouth peacock show-off gasbag blusterer swaggerer trumpeter raver grandstander ranter swelled head bag of wind big talker big-timer gascon strutter impudent bold audacious blatant unabashed shameless forward flip barefaced brassy cheeky defiant flashy gritty gutsy immodest impertinent indecent insolent loud meretricious nervy saucy spunky tawdry contumelious smart-alecky unblushing overbold smart-ass someone figure luminary personage hero star personality somebody name notable heavyweight immortal lion worthy magnate big name superstar cynosure mahatma big stuff famous person major leaguer the cheese arrogant brash bumptious certain conceited lordly overconfident overweening positive presumptuous smart aleck vain wise guy egotistical smarty hotdogging hubristic smart guy smarty pants swaggering swollen-headed arch champion chief front highest initial leading number one original paramount preeminent premier primary prime principal supreme inaugural a-1 a-number-1 at the cutting edge at the leading edge headmost heavy stuff hot stuff most important primo brilliant clever ingenious mad phenomenal class act got it have on the ball have smarts have the goods shining at sausage frankfurter red-hot wiener georgia hot crowd-pleaser flaunter foot long footlong pigs in a blanket redhot showboat weenie specialist artist pundit authority egghead old hand whiz kid artiste shark powerhouse old pro old war-horse self-assured fearless self-reliant sanguine poised sure of oneself undoubtful complacent pompous self-righteous self-satisfied holier-than-thou priggish snobbish stuck-up stuffy superior vainglorious egoistic puffed-up self-contented stuck on oneself musician magician prodigy genius natural big league intelligent performer dillettante showoff hotdogger
Hotshot antonyms
clumsy unskilled incompetent unable unskillful incapable inexperienced indefinite stupid unintelligent lazy ignorant awkward inept green coarse rough slow retiring meek timid shamed shamefaced humble modest shy quiet commoner nobody obscurity unknown nonentity uncertain unsure unself-confident last least lowest unimportant inferior secondary dull untalented amateur rookie apprentice greenhorn insecure unhappy imbecile ignoramus cautious tentative 
Usage of Hotshot in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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