Humiliation meaning in hindi | Humiliation ka matlab 

Humiliation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Humiliation 
Usage of Humiliation: 1: he had to undergo one humiliation after another 2: It is believed that as a result of this humiliation 3: He suffered a great humiliation 4: I n 'I have seen in a great humiliation not forgive 5: It is a flat foot no humiliation repels 6: It is the height of humiliation 7: It means, figuratively, Grief, humiliation we do experience a person by any reprimand or some hard and unpleasant process 8: It still means figuratively bitter sadness, pain, humiliation 9: Lowering the nose someone Him inflict humiliation 10: SAC also said a penance Habit, affliction, humiliation
Humiliation ki paribhasha : saahity ke antargat ek arthaalnkaar jisamen gunaanvit vastu men durgun dikhaakar usaka tiraskaar kiya jaata hai duःkh se utpann adhinata ka bhaav

Humiliation synonyms
disgrace confusion indignity degradation shame ignominy abasement comedown affront submission chagrin condescension dishonor submissiveness comeuppance discomfiture put-down mortification resignation self-abasement humbling loss of face mental pain touchã©
Humiliation antonyms
resistance flattery glorification praise success esteem honor respect elevation triumph 
Usage of Humiliation in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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