Ideal meaning in hindi | Ideal ka matlab 

Ideal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ideal 
Usage of Ideal: 1: M.K. Gandhi is an ideal for many Indians. 2: India has an ideal climate for the growth of cotton. 3: This is an ideal story. 4: Trifala is an ideal appetizer .
For loss of a appetite ,physicians prescribe appetizer for their patients
5: he is fantasizing the ideal wife 6: A central ideal or ideals often prescribe what is right and wrong 7: 22 LR an ideal cartridge for recreational shooting 8: The History of Wine: the territory of Hungary is ideal for wine-making. 9: In an ideal resolution 10: In this sense, "rite" is an ideal form of social norm.
Ideal ki paribhasha : vah din jisaki sndhya ko chndrama dikhaayi na pade jisaka dhyaan kiya jaaय़ upayog men laaya hua vah jisase grnth ka abhipraay jhalak jaay vah naayak jo ek hi vivaahit stri men anurakt ho

Ideal synonyms
optimal fitting quintessential excellent classical representative shangri-la absolute archetypal complete consummate exemplary flawless supreme paradigmatic prototypical have-it-all indefectible pie-in-the-sky unattainable unreal abstract visionary intellectual utopian hypothetical imaginary chimerical extravagant fanciful fictitious high-flown mental mercurial quixotic theoretical transcendent transcendental unearthly notional dreamlike in the clouds ivory-tower out-of-reach goal perfection standard nonesuch pattern jewel paragon nonpareil criterion epitome prototype archetype example idol last word mirror
Ideal antonyms
imperfect incorrect problematic pragmatic uncharacteristic flawed wrong actual common material practical factual real physical error imperfection 
Usage of Ideal in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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