Ill disposed meaning in hindi | Ill disposed ka matlab 

Ill disposed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ill disposed 
Ill disposed synonyms
hesitant antagonistic loath unwilling reluctant allergic afraid antipathetic contrary disinclined indisposed nasty perverse unfavorable disliking having no use for ill-disposed uneager awkward disagreeable discourteous ill-natured uncivil uncongenial uncooperative unpleasant unaccommodating unamiable unhelpful contentious belligerent unsympathetic adverse inhospitable opposed hateful bitter alien opposite catty militant sour cold chill argumentative bellicose competitive dour malevolent malignant ornery pugnacious surly unkind unpropitious unsociable viperous virulent vitriolic warlike rancorous scrappy disapproving oppugnant unwelcoming harmful destructive injurious disaffected hurtful noxious pernicious repugnant inimicable vengeful petty vicious mischievous wicked venomous awful baleful beastly deleterious detrimental envious evil evil-minded green green-eyed gross jealous low mean poisonous despiteful bad-natured cussed uncool snide barbed vindictive cruel angry dirty waspish accidentally on purpose spleenful splenetic combative chilly acrimonious against aloof antisocial censorious conflicting distant grouchy gruff inauspicious misanthropic quarrelsome uncharitable estranged grudging not on speaking terms unneighborly embittered hard
Ill disposed antonyms
friendly kind willing loving agreeable ready caring liking sympathetic accommodating courteous mannered mannerly polite civil cooperative hospitable helpful pleasant wonderful welcoming helping nice aiding favorable good hot warm gentle assisting forgiving useful pleasing harmless moral benevolent decent likeable thoughtful lovable affectionate sociable approachable 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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