Illusory meaning in hindi | Illusory ka matlab 

Illusory meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Illusory 
Usage of Illusory: 1: A project illusory 2: A proposal illusory 3: An illusory concession 4: An illusory promise 5: Contract illusory 6: GO preceded the verb how, as a phrase meaning Luring someone with illusory promises; sometimes get the services he should not 7: It is also used in everyday language and signifies who is not real, which is illusory 8: Talking a lot and boasting merits and we did not illusory advantages 9: These are empty promises, misleading illusory 10: , Release the prey for the shadow, abandon a real advantage an illusory benefit for
Illusory ki paribhasha : jisase athava jisake snbndh men bhram utpann hota ho ek daanav ka naam jo may ka putr tha or baali se ladne ke liye kishkindha men aaya tha

Illusory synonyms
hallucinatory whimsical unreal misleading apparent chimerical deceitful delusive fallacious fanciful fantastic fictitious float ideal illusive imaginary mistaken ostensible pipe dream seeming sham untrue visionary delusory fictional fictive suppositious supposititious false barmecidal blue sky semblant
Illusory antonyms
real honest truthful genuine 
Usage of Illusory in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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