Illustrious meaning in hindi | Illustrious ka matlab 

Illustrious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Illustrious 
Usage of Illustrious: 1: She has an illustrious future. 2: Lorenzo was less successful than his illustrious forebears in business 3: Discarding 'pantheons' of illustrious figures from the past 4: He raised another illustrious captive 5: Through the course of this illustrious career 6: A metal piece or hit sometimes fused in honor of an illustrious person, or to preserve the memory of a memorable action, an event, an enterprise 7: All Paris attended the funeral of the illustrious Marshal 8: An illustrious artist 9: architecture and sculpture Employer is to transmit to posterity the memory of some illustrious person or some important event 10: be to blood illustrious royal
Illustrious ki paribhasha : jisapar naam likha hua ho ya khuda ho adhyaaya, parichchhed aadi ka aarnbh

Illustrious synonyms
noble renowned splendid remarkable outstanding exalted famed eminent well-known distinguished glorious lofty big league brilliant celebrated great heavy monster name notable noted resplendent signal star sublime esteemed superstar
Illustrious antonyms
unimportant unknown insignificant usual unremarkable infamous lowly poor humble ordinary regular bad inferior 
Usage of Illustrious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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