Imperfection meaning in hindi | Imperfection ka matlab 

Imperfection meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Imperfection 
Usage of Imperfection: 1: A knot is a particular type of imperfection in a piece of timber 2: also vice, defect, imperfection that reduces the value of an object 3: Correct an imperfection 4: Default, serious imperfection makes a person or thing more or less unfit for its intended 5: It also means to fulfill obligations against the rules of any art, imperfection in a book 6: It also means, more generally, as well as figuratively, natural imperfection, fault strength, weakness, brittleness for good, defect, imperfection 7: The air bubbles are an imperfection in ice 8: The imperfection of our nature 9: The state of imperfection in which this work has remained 10: Who has some defect, some defect, imperfection
Imperfection ki paribhasha : kisi uttam vastu men nikrasht vastu ki milaavat samay ka ek atynt sookshm vibhaag jo do kshani ke baraabar aur kisi ke mat se praaya: chaar kshan ke baraabar hota hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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