Impose meaning in hindi | Impose ka matlab 

Impose meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Impose 
Usage of Impose: 1: do not impose your rules on me 2: His government sought to impose Chinese nationalism and 3: While the UK did not impose restrictions 4: Libya answered by threatening to impose an oil embargo 5: West Virginia does not impose an inheritance tax. 6: Although European nations impose some pollution taxes 7: Tort law and product liability impose additional costs on manufacturing. 8: Selznick was known to impose very restrictive rules upon Hitchcock 9: William attempted to impose his personal will in 1834 10: Some jurisdictions impose local option sales tax.
Impose ki paribhasha : kisi chij par bahut si vastuean rakhana ek padaarth ke tal ke saath doosare padaarth ka tal milana

Impose synonyms
appoint levy force institute require introduce order foist charge place promulgate inflict demand put establish enforce presume visit trespass enjoin intrude wreck fix compel wreak lade oblige prescribe decree lay burden exact saddle wish ordain infringe command encroach obtrude constrain horn in lay down force upon lay down the law move in on put foot down read riot act take advantage
Impose antonyms
prevent disorder aid displace remove forget overlook neglect help 
Usage of Impose in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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