Impulse meaning in hindi | Impulse ka matlab 

Impulse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Impulse 
Usage of Impulse: 1: He felt an irrestible impulse to giggle and laugh. 2: This alternate form of specific impulse uses the same units as velocity 3: To generate a large amount of impulse per second 4: : less able to respond to chemical signaling with an electrical impulse 5: They take the form of impulse 6: Giving the impulse to others, putting others into action, the setting in motion, put by train, available to act 7: It also said the property that have some things to print to other more or less impulse to put them into movement 8: It also says of Him, that which obeys without resistance to the impulse of his passion, caprice, stronger than his will 9: It also works in terms of Marine and called Small sails is added to the great when we want to offer more surface to the impulse of the wind 10: It does so by the impulse of such a
Impulse ki paribhasha : kisi ko kisi kaary men lagaane ki kriya itana maan ya adhikaar ki jo baat chaahe kar ya kara sake ek vastu ka doosari vastu ke saath aisa vegayukt sparsh jisase ek ya donon par ekabaaragi bhaari dabaav pad jaay athava gati ke veg ka vah bhaari dabaav jo ek vastu ke saath doosari vastu ke ekabaaragi ja lagane se ek ya donon par padta hai ras ke snvaari bhaavon men se ek vegon ko tivr karane ki kriya

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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