In a row meaning in hindi | In a row ka matlab 

In a row meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In a row 
Usage of In a row: 1: Please line up the children in a row . 2: I can't stay up late three nights in a row . 3: The New York Times Magazine declared CBS "for the 10th year in a row . 4: Dod was determined to win Wimbledon three times in a row 5: As soon as he threw a couple of balls in a row 6: Roosevelt won four presidential elections in a row 7: It was served two days in a row

In a row synonyms
short straightforward solid smooth consecutive nonstop even right vertical level invariable plumb perpendicular direct running square beeline upright horizontal continuous erect inflexible near precipitous sheer through unbroken uninterrupted unswerving unrelieved true collinear in a line in line like an arrow lineal rectilineal rectilinear unbent uncurled undeviating undistorted ensuing next sequential serial subsequent successional alternating following after next in line for next in order next off next up rotating seriate subsequential succedent
In a row antonyms
deceitful dishonest indirect intermittent untrustworthy uneven unfair horizontal changing varying level curved unjust disordered disorganized diluted mixed unconventional broken prone twisted corrupt disorderly different untraditional incontinuous antecedent preceding antedating previous 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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