In store meaning in hindi | In store ka matlab 

In store meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In store 
Usage of In store: 1: He stored many things in store room. 2: It says also an old-fashioned object, aged in store 3: Merchant or Merchant is in store

In store synonyms
expected subsequent impending anticipated ordained instant fated oncoming aspiring nearing marked foreseen future preparing deserving pursuing close due at hand certain en route eventual immediate next prospective up-and-coming converging progressing predestined docking advancing nigh about to happen almost on one drawing near gaining upon getting near in prospect in the offing in the wind in view running after to be doomed intended directed sealed stated condemned threatening looming predetermined closed menacing settled compulsory ineluctable inescapable inevitable inexorable unavoidable designed meant overhanging brewing compelled foreordained que sera sera hanging over in the cards predesigned that is to be that will be to come way the ball bounces supplementary added ancillary additional unnecessary extraneous unused extraordinary fresh supplemental new further leftover other special auxiliary gravy supernumerary needless perk lagniappe button inessential tip ice surplus more fuss reserve another beyond optional redundant superfluous unneeded gingerbread in addition in reserve one more over and above upcoming approaching accessible available obtainable on tap open ready awaited in evidence in preparation resulting probable possible likely expectant following gathering fast-approaching handwriting-on-the-wall in the air inevasible on its way on the horizon on the verge see it coming unescapable unoccupied emergency free backup odd unwanted de trop supererogatory in excess more than enough
In store antonyms
gone far distant past away avoidable remote unsettled unscheduled needed used commonplace usual worn basic elementary fundamental necessary normal ordinary old main essential integral bygone unlikely later future escapable never doubtful fat thick 
Usage of In store in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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