In the know meaning in hindi | In the know ka matlab 

In the know meaning in hindi

How to pronounce In the know 
In the know synonyms
abreast conversant enlightened advised familiarized apprised of clued in familiar with versed in wise conscious apprehensive receptive alive appreciative awake attentive alert au courant cool groovy heedful hip into know-how knowing perceptive sensible sentient sharp appraised go-go grounded in the picture know the score latched on on the beam on to plugged in tuned in up on wise to wised up know what's what observant judicious hip to down with hep to in on witting literate scholarly brainy educated highbrow lettered studious well-read cultivated scholastic wise up mature capable skillful veteran accomplished qualified seasoned trained competent professional tried instructed tested matured accustomed practiced sport adept expert old old hand practical worldly worldly-wise dynamite been around been there broken in having something on the ball knowing the score the right stuff well-versed knowing one's stuff au fait introduced at home with kept posted no stranger to well up in primed reliable up-to-date apprized briefed on top of well-rounded brilliant intelligent discerning smart insightful bright clever omniscient prescient quick-witted sagacious sage understanding sophic tuned-in with-it scientific studied sound cultured grave abstruse academic bookish deep esoteric intellectual literary pedantic philosophical recondite sapient skilled solemn solid well-grounded well-educated pansophic polymath professorial watchful cautious respectful wary vigilant solicitous careful cagey chary conscientious observing regardful thoughtful alive to be up on know all the answers know ins and outs observative on the job with eyes peeled on one's toes private privileged acute calculating smooth slick keen cunning astute canny crafty farsighted foxy heady ingenious sly streetwise penetrating prudent probing wily artful cutting discriminating inside perspicacious piercing profound slippery tricky underhand argute astucious on the inside shark refined disenchanted jaded disillusioned bored adult artificial blasã© cynical laid-back skeptical suave svelte urbane well-bred citified schooled couth jet-set mondaine stagy switched on uptown world-weary worldly wise proficient chic in vogue latest mod trendy in fashion turned on
In the know antonyms
ignorant heedless inattentive unaware unfriendly uninformed neglectful unconscious unknowledgeable unfamiliar insensitive indifferent senseless unwitting thoughtless unmindful uneducated uncultured common inexperienced incapable incompetent unable unskilled unskillful immature unseasoned unsophisticated green inept untalented amateur untrained undistinguished unknown unremarkable unacquainted aloof foreign new strange uncommon cold cool distant reserved unapproachable unwise foolish stupid unintelligent unreasonable dull slow negligent incautious rash unobservant indiscreet unafraid absent-minded careless uncareful quiet unworried unknowing public revealed naive kind obtuse blunt coarse rough unstylish unclever idiotic honest frivolous unthinking encouraged enthusiastic excited uncultivated unrefined enchanted uncool easy simple 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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