Inconsistent meaning in hindi | Inconsistent ka matlab 

Inconsistent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Inconsistent 
Usage of Inconsistent: 1: But these smaller patterns joined together in inconsistent ways. 2: This program was inconsistent with the Battle for Grain 3: Williams came back to the tour and experienced inconsistent results. 4: The major complaints are the lack of buses and their inconsistent frequencies 5: 6-0. The inconsistent results continued through mid-April 6: Although she is occasionally inconsistent 7: An inconsistent tab order leads to an erroneous data entry . 8: A character inconsistent 9: A man inconsistent 10: All the things of this world are inconsistent
Inconsistent ki paribhasha : saath snvatsaron men se pachisavaaan snvatsar virodh naamak ek alnkaar saahity nilam ka ek dosh jisake kaaran pahananevaale ko pati, putraadi ka shok praapt hona maana jaata hai

Inconsistent synonyms
conflicting uncertain illogical incompatible unpredictable contrary irreconcilable erratic capricious changeable discordant discrepant dissonant fickle incoherent incongruous inconstant mercurial temperamental unstable variable warring incongruent lubricious at odds at variance in conflict out of step
Inconsistent antonyms
harmonious unchanging predictable consonant certain definite sure consistent regular steady 
Usage of Inconsistent in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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