Indication meaning in hindi | Indication ka matlab 

Indication meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Indication 
Usage of Indication: 1: he gave no indication of having heard of us. 2: Litmus paper can be used as an indication of the presence or not of acid in a solution. 3: The discoloration is merely an indication of an injury 4: There is no indication as to the total number of months in the annual cycle. 5: There is no indication of challenges to her leadership and 6: The distribution of stone axes is an important indication of prehistoric trade. 7: A further indication can be provided by retinoscopy 8: This is also an indication that our own Solar System may be unusual 9: In other cases, the only indication is the Doppler shift of the emitted light. 10: Whether a music piece has a mathematical time indication or not
Indication ki paribhasha : kisi padaarth ko batalaana ya dikhaana vah baat jo kisi ko bataane, jataane ya saavadhaan karane ke liye kahi jaay lakshan jisase koi chij pahachaani jaay kisi padaarth ki vah visheshata jisake dvaara vah pahachaana jaay kisi nai baata, kisi vishesh paksh ya ang ki or dhyaan dilaana vah lakshan jisase kisi chij ki pahachaan ho apana bhaav prakat karane ke liye kiya hua kaayik parichaalan ya cheshta

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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