Indirect meaning in hindi | Indirect ka matlab 

Indirect meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Indirect 
Usage of Indirect: 1: That is an example of an indirect object. 2: Under British indirect rule 3: The Aztec Empire was an example of an empire that ruled by indirect means. 4: It specified indirect elections and created the legislative 5: Citizens of Rome and Italy paid indirect taxes 6: There is also an indirect effect on foreign policy 7: The interrogative pronouns also receive accents in direct or indirect questions 8: More indirect accounts are given by Tacitus 9: This was part of Kierkegaard's indirect communication. 10: Mitch caused 11 indirect deaths when a plane crashed during the storm.
Indirect ki paribhasha : jisake aage kisi prakaar ka vyavadhaan ya parada pad gaya ho vah jisaka rng pila liye saphed ho aur aaankhe laal hon vah grah jisase tis ansh ke andar hi soory ho jata ke ulajhe hue baalon ki tarah jisaka sulajhana bahut kathin ho ek prakaar ka kaside ka kaam jisamen kaadhate samay phnde lagaaye jaate hain padavi jisaka vyavahaar vaishy apane naam ke saath karate hain vah jo tinon kaal ki baaten jaanata ho

Indirect synonyms
ambiguous tortuous oblique incidental implied ancillary circuitous collateral circular complicated contingent crooked devious discursive duplicitous erratic eventual long long-winded meandering obscure out-of-the-way rambling secondary serpentine sinister sinuous sneaky subsidiary underhand vagrant wandering winding zigzag long-drawn-out periphrastic sneaking circumlocutory long way home sidelong snaking twisting
Indirect antonyms
direct straight straightforward 
Usage of Indirect in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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