Inefficient meaning in hindi | Inefficient ka matlab 

Inefficient meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Inefficient 
As noun : अक्षम
Usage of Inefficient: 1: an inefficient campaign against drugs 2: If you try to overdo in your work you may become inefficient 3: That bridge is inefficient and so causes a lot of trouble. 4: He is inefficient and must be replaced. 5: This inefficient company is dead on its feet . 6: Although this sometimes resulted in inefficient command 7: They were extremely inefficient by modern standards 8: However, this method proves inefficient for large memorizations of pi. 9: Although these early engines were crude and inefficient 10: Many of the projects financed by these debts were inefficient
Inefficient ki paribhasha : jo kisi kaary ka na ho jo kisi kaam ka na ho abhipretaarth ko vyakt karane men aksham jisake paas karane ke liye koi kaam na ho

Inefficient synonyms
sloppy inept weak feeble disorganized ineffective ineffectual faulty incompetent careless extravagant half-baked improvident incapable inefficacious inexpert prodigal slack slipshod slovenly unfit unprepared unqualified unskilled unskillful untrained improficient not cut out for shooting blanks can't hack it
Inefficient antonyms
competent dexterous skillful capable efficient expert useful neat tidy fit strong effective sound 
Usage of Inefficient in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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