Inflect meaning in hindi | Inflect ka matlab 

Inflect meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Inflect 
Usage of Inflect: 1: Standard German verbs inflect into: There are also many ways to expand
Inflect ki paribhasha : kisi khadi chij ke oopari bhaag ko tedha karake niche ki aur laana

Inflect synonyms
swerve veer bulge buckle spiral crumple twist bend coil curl skew loop round turn bow stoop crook arc gyrate snake divert hook arch deviate wind concave convex wreathe incurve balance tone tweak fine-tune revamp switch restrain transmogrify attune regulate temper differ divide modify diverge range diversify fluctuate alter mutate interchange convert depart separate variegate alternate disagree transform displace assort digress dissent blow hot and cold hem and haw shilly-shally divaricate be unlike permutate take turns yo-yo vent deliver articulate tell assert say emphasize utter announce proclaim declare present speak sound cry divulge vocalize pronounce enunciate air recount put verbalize talk come out with intonate give expression give utterance
Inflect antonyms
straighten stay leave alone disorganize remain wait concur consent agree conform join hold keep maintain retain arrive come continue withhold listen deny conceal hide refrain mumble be quiet 
Usage of Inflect in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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