Injure meaning in hindi - Injure का मतलब हिंदी में 

Injure meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Injure 
As noun : अफगार Ex:  This prevents the leakage of hot gas which could injure the shooter.
आतृण्ण Ex:  It can be thrown very hard and can injure the operator. क्षतविक्षत Ex:  Hurting the honor, the reputation of someone one, injure friendship, hurt the good faith, justice, etc घवहा Ex:  This assumption has nothing that should, which can injure the घायल उ:   इनमें दस लोगों के घायल होने की खबर है। घोहा ठेस पहुँचाना धैहा निर्विद्ध फिगार विनुन्न श्रंथित सपत्राकृत समाहत सव्रण
As verb : अभ्यमित Ex:  It did not seriously injure anyone आहत Ex:  This can distort and injure tissue. उ:   उसी बीच मुझे मोटर दुर्घटना में आहत होकर कुछ दिन अस्पताल में रहना पड़ा। क्षति पहुंचाना Ex:  That's my business, says a person who wants to turn away from some purpose, making us see the danger, the disadvantages are to be feared, and means This is my business, can not impair, injure or expose that I alone घायल करना ज़ख़्मी करना झाटल तृंढ निर्विद्ध नुकसान पहुच्ना प्रजवित भिन्नदेह विनिहत हति
Other : कष्ट देना Ex:  He sometimes inadvertently injure his friend खिजाना Ex:  these hideous objects injure eyes
Injure ki paribhasha : ek vastu par kisi doosari vastu ka veg ke saath patan ya takkar

Injure synonyms
torture wound damage cripple break disable batter maim mutilate deface distress foul impair pique torment total weaken tarnish ruin deform maltreat vitiate wax blight mar pain disfigure distort contort wrong abuse spoil sting aggrieve undermine blemish prejudice mangle cut up do in foul up shake up draw blood hack up
Injure antonyms
aid heal improve mend assist enable adorn beautify embellish ornament clean delight grow protect preserve respect cure help fix repair strengthen allow decorate please approve 
Usage of Injure in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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