Joint meaning in hindi | Joint ka matlab 

Joint meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Joint 
Usage of Joint: 1: It was a joint operation of the navy and air force. 2: She is suffering from joint pain. 3: The project is a joint venture between India and Russia. 4: he covered the miter with glue before making the joint 5: The repetitive motion inflamed her joint 6: Our joint venture returned a net saving of five thousand rupees. 7: They blew the joint about an hour ago . 8: They blew the joint about an hour ago . 9: Don't put your nose out of joint . 10: Bloemfontein is joint home to Premier Soccer League team Bloemfontein Celtic.
Joint ki paribhasha : ek shabd jisaka prayog asvikrati ya nishedh soochit karane ke liye hota hai krashn ke ek putr ka naam jisaki maata ka naam maadri tha ek padaarth men doosara padaarth dalana vah sthaan jahaaan do chijen ek men milati hon maans ka bad khnd jisamen haddi na ho kisi lakadi ka vah patala sira jo kisi doosari lakadi ke chhed men usake saath jodne ke liye thonka jaay logon ke baithane uthane ka vah sthaan jo oopar se chhaaya ho, par chaaron or khula ho mile hue shatruon men paraspar virodh utpann karana ganit men kai snkhyaaon ka yogaphal do vastuon ko sikara, milaakara, chipakaakar athava isi prakaar ke kisi aur upaay se ek karana

Joint synonyms
collective concerted cooperative public united joined common communal hand in hand mutual conjoint consolidated conjunct intermutual elbow seam bridge splice point nexus impingement bend union concourse interconnection tie meeting node swivel junction articulation crux link knot confluence coupling hinge bracket suture abutment bond vinculum hyphen conjuncture tangency copula tavern club bar dive juke joint roadhouse honky-tonk hole in the wall
Joint antonyms
divided uncoordinated separated disjoint single uncombined unshared whole divorce separation line division disconnection 
Usage of Joint in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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