Junction meaning in hindi | Junction ka matlab 

Junction meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Junction 
Usage of Junction: 1: Ratlam is a big junction on the railway route 2: In the case of bipolar junction transistors 3: This name refers to the junction where the Mekong 4: At the junction with the Shoreway 5: The junction point can be found in the work of Hanfeizi 6: This junction has three epithelial types: gingival 7: Located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau 8: The Springfield Interchange at the junction of I95 9: Thus Minsk became an important rail junction and a manufacturing hub. 10: The city lies at the junction of railway lines from all parts of the country.
Junction ki paribhasha : stri aur purush ka snyog mel ya sadabhaav hona vah sthaan jahaaan do chijen ek men milati hon vah sthal jahaaan raashatron men sndhi ho ganit men kai snkhyaaon ka yogaphal

Usage of Junction in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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