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Keep meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Keep 
Usage of Keep: 1: Shepherds always keep crooks with them to control the cattles. 2: Kings built inlets to keep their foes away. 3: I like to keep my room squeaky clean. 4: You should always keep counterfoils of your cheque. 5: The teacher believes in flogging the students to keep them in control. 6: He always flatters his superiors to keep himself in their good books. 7: They allways keep chitchatting all the time. 8: Clean hair keep the lice away. 9: Fishermen keep all fish in the creel. 10: Dont keep the chickens in the small coop.
Keep ki paribhasha : gati ka avarodh karana kisi nukoli vastu se rokha ke roop men chihn karana kisi kram ya parnpara ka chala chalana ek prakaar ka dnd jon raajaniyam ke anusaar ya raajaagya se diya jaata hai aur jisamen abhiyukt ko kisi bnd sthaan men rakhate hain shatarnj ya chausar aadi khelon men kisi mohare ya goti aadi ko apane sthaan se badhaana ya hataanaa, athava taash ya gnjiphe aadi khelon men kisi patte ko khel ke kaamon ke liye sab khelanevaalon ke saamane phenkana vah vastu ya vyaapaar jisase jivan ka nirvaah ho kisi baat ko baarabaar chalaaye chalana van ka vah vibhaag jahaaan shera, chite aadi ke rahane ki maaanden hon raassiyon ke sahaare tanga hua ek prakaar ka gahara khatola ya vistara jisapar bachchon ko sulaakar idhar se udhar jhulaate hain kisi vastu par ya kisi vastu ke andar doosari vastu sthit karana

Keep synonyms
preserve control enjoy manage carry place have conduct put retain save store amass grip own possess season deposit cache direct detain grasp pile stock heap accumulate stack withhold garner conserve hold back put up care for deal in trade in protect run continue support sustain operate feed foster nourish shield attend subsidize shelter defend mind ordain administer guard command board nurture safeguard provision endure carry on victual look after minister to watch over stop delay limit check block hinder obstruct inhibit avert deter impede retard hamstring arrest shackle stall curb restrain constrain hamper perform obey sanctify regard laud bless observe solemnize praise respect consecrate fulfill honor celebrate ritualize adhere to comply with
Keep antonyms
lack need squander disperse scatter release dispossess use hand over ignore dishonor hurt let go want fail lose displace remove waste dissipate divide spend neglect separate consume give give up abandon let happen not have cease discontinue deprive endanger disregard deny halt stop starve leave forget mismanage expedite aid assist facilitate further permit liberate rush advance allow encourage forward help promote push support free disobey blame condemn denounce reproach disrespect miss overlook 
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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