Kick up a fuss meaning in hindi | Kick up a fuss ka matlab 

Kick up a fuss meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Kick up a fuss 
Kick up a fuss synonyms
moan criticize lament disagree grumble gripe denounce object protest oppose accuse fret bewail repine grouse dissent disapprove indict bitch differ nag beef refute grieve whimper attack charge deplore carp cavil contravene bellyache fuss groan defy ascribe growl bemoan snivel lay reproach gainsay yammer deprecate whine demur impute expostulate remonstrate find fault look askance make a fuss sound off take exception to squeal raise cain
Kick up a fuss antonyms
compliment laud praise concur consent aid soothe gloat assent ratify sanction exonerate delight protect retreat surrender give in applaud recommend approve agree accept help please be happy endorse support defend go along be content 
Usage of Kick up a fuss in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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