Knock down meaning in hindi | Knock down ka matlab 

Knock down meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Knock down 
Usage of Knock down: 1: I'm lucky to knock down twenty thousand . 2: She must knock down about twenty thou a year . 3: These tangled obstacle courses serve to disorient and knock down flying insects 4: To isolate this building, we had to knock down all the terraced houses

Knock down synonyms
accustom familiarize apprise inform advise enlighten disclose reveal divulge clue warn notify habituate post tell present bring out come out with fill in fix up get together let know make familiar abase cut down damage drop injure lower murder prostrate pull down slay undermine upset wound ko lay low mow down shoot down throw down disconcert mortify dash debunk humble chasten dispirit put down take down cut down to size kick in the teeth let down easy let wind out of sails puncture balloon despise disparage debase degrade belittle derogate contemn stoop decry sink detract scorn pan descend bad-mouth bemean cast down cut rate dump on poor-mouth smash trash devastate annihilate wreck ruin obliterate pulverize crush decimate bulldoze raze wrack crack burst undo break wax devour defeat total put away dilapidate torpedo gobble up put in toilet take apart take out wipe off map break up destroy subvert denude deprive bare dismount strip strike divest dismember disrobe bankrupt denudate break down part out take to pieces unrig slash gash cleave hew split sunder hack mangle sever bowl over blow down cause to fall knock over strike down straighten depress subdue compress plaster smooth squash plane trample flush abrade roll iron out beat down even out spread out baffle stump dumbfound bewilder puzzle discomfit conquer nonplus bring up short dock strand prevent land beach suggest offer propose submit recommend announce open advance harbinger originate air herald ventilate usher preface broach precede do the honors get things rolling give introduction kick off lead into lead off open up pave the way put forward set forth spring with start ball rolling equalize waste lessen reduce play down decrease underestimate diminish downplay curtail dwarf deprecate prune attenuate discount cheapen pooh-pooh shrink depreciate abbreviate run down miniaturize underplay make light of make little of dethrone oust depose eradicate abolish overcome unseat overrun vanquish exterminate purge overwhelm tip liquidate subjugate overpower do away with put an end to upend bring to ruin invalidate annul capsize reverse void nullify repeal rescind spill invert countermand upturn keel over turn over set aside overbalance tip over turn upside down snuff out dampen suppress quell douse moisten shatter choke destruct smother kill stifle check put out withstand confront fend off resist rebuff decline refuse traverse buck cool dismiss duel parry rebut oppose reject disown fight dispute brush off hold back stave off turn down ward off hold off drive off chase away drive away beat back beat off cast aside drive back force back force off give cold shoulder to keep at bay keep off push back put to flight stand up against keep at arm's length wipe off the map plunge collapse totter founder teeter slump lurch stagger pitch falter stumble go down do a pratfall go belly up hit the dirt lose it nose-dive take a header flop sag plummet slip dip skid disturb unsettle toss disarray jumble disorder disarrange mess up bowl down fall headlong lose footing
Knock down antonyms
delude conceal hide withhold suppress deceive falsify hold back mislead misrepresent secrete aid encourage help raise assist inflate build up blow up expand boost admire laud praise honor upgrade increase compliment exalt enhance improve approve elevate value rise construct create mend surrender fasten lose fix strengthen produce rebuild repair restore clothe combine put together cover assemble unite erect join incite lift break round uncompress make uneven enlighten explain abet explicate retreat soothe clear up yield give up liberate free let go deny refuse dissuade erase subtract finish close up take away extract rough up jag lie turn point away enlarge grow lengthen prolong overrate extend develop commend maximize overestimate release institute uphold straighten give in establish fail keep permit validate sanction allow pass please dry dissatisfy begin start bear give birth set attract accept agree support draw ascend place organize go up arrange order 
Usage of Knock down in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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