Knock over meaning in hindi | Knock over ka matlab 

Knock over meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Knock over 
Knock over ki paribhasha : kisi paatr men bhare hue jal aadi ko hila dulaakar baahar uchhaalana kisi chij ka aadhaar ya avarodh aadi hataakar use upane sthaan par se niche dal dena

Knock over synonyms
dumbfound bewilder overwhelm flabbergast shock astound boggle confound amaze startle daze stagger floor bowl over blow away put one away spring on take aback throw a curve blow one's mind drench go down inundate immerse soak flood wipe out swamp suffocate sink engulf douse asphyxiate plunge deluge obliterate souse overpower sop overflow stifle dip go under shoot drop flatten slash raze rive gash cleave cut demolish hew split sunder hack mangle dash sever ground bring down cut down pull down shoot down blow down cause to fall knock down lay low mow down strike down throw down disturb upset rock jar shake convulse shake up discompose shove jerk bump perturb jostle jog churn lay out spring something on filch loot pilfer pinch purloin ransack relieve rifle rip off rob thieve devastate wreck ruin equalize bulldoze smooth waste tear down crush win reduce weather conquer survive surmount lick render subdue hurdle outlive worst subjugate master prevail best vanquish be victorious come out on top get around get the better of knock socks off rise above triumph over dethrone oust topple depose eradicate abolish subvert unseat overrun beat exterminate purge tip liquidate do away with put an end to upend bring to ruin invalidate annul capsize reverse void nullify repeal rescind spill invert countermand upturn roll keel over turn over set aside overbalance tip over turn upside down pillage liberate requisition salvage maraud fleece burn spoil prowl snatch despoil appropriate lift prey foray strip forage grab gut loft depredate kip lay waste moonlight requisition smash and grab stick up debilitate incapacitate impair sap frazzle paralyze immobilize tire cripple destroy exhaust disarm weary fatigue drain disable defeat overtire bring low tucker out bomb assault bombard blockade harass storm invade swoop sweep charge slough breach pirate shell inroad rake heat assail sally harry break in sally forth spoliate strafe torpedo descend on fall upon fire on lean against lean on march on bemuse confuse fog knock out muddle petrify surprise give a turn hit like ton of bricks knock unconscious strike dumb take breath away flop sag slump stumble plummet slip skid unsettle toss disarray pitch jumble disorder disarrange mess up nose-dive bowl down do a pratfall fall headlong go belly up hit the dirt lose footing lose it take a header
Knock over antonyms
explain calm clear up expect bore dry increase ascend surrender float rescue help yield save underwhelm unite construct combine aid assist erect raise join build comfort soothe placate order hold create bear give continue pursue start rough up deceive jag lie turn point away forfeit give in lose fail release institute uphold retreat straighten establish keep permit validate sanction approve allow pass please guard protect receive energize invigorate mobilize activate refresh grow enable improve assuage strengthen repair encourage stand organize rise go up arrange enlighten clarify place fix 
Usage of Knock over in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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