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Know how meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Know how 
Usage of Know how: 1: Primaeval man didnt know how to cook. 2: Do you know how to prepare a dish out of kale? 3: I dont know how to use a jack. 4: He didn't know how to use them. 5: I don't know how they got there". 6: An estimated 605 million people worldwide know how to play chess 7: I do not know how to espouse freedom and slavery together. 8: ", or more idiomatically "Do you know how late it is? 9: "I do not know how the third World War will be fought 10: A child begins to speak, who do not yet know how to speak
Know how ki paribhasha : vah gyaan jo saakshaat karane se praapt ho

Know how synonyms
ingenuity background wisdom capability aptitude adroitness faculty savoir-faire flair cunning strength finesse bent gift genius deftness cleverness handiness skillfulness mind for particular activity adeptness the goods the right stuff what it takes profession artistry facility trade imagination inventiveness method virtuosity craftsmanship invention wise mindful conscious apprehensive receptive informed alive appreciative awake cognizant familiar attentive acquainted alert au courant cool enlightened groovy heedful into knowing perceptive sensible sentient sharp with it appraised apprised go-go grounded in the know in the picture know the score latched on on the beam on to plugged in tuned in up on wise to wised up know what's what control management government jurisdiction supervision leadership authority grasp supremacy despotism coercion prerogative charge aplomb sovereignty compulsion might authorization grip absolutism restraint domination royalty hold tyranny constraint sway dominion primacy upper hand strings expertism competency capacity suitability qualification fitness appropriateness moxie adequacy makings cutting it cutting the mustard hacking it making the grade qualifiedness nimbleness tact smoothness readiness aptness neatness effortlessness address touch productivity energy performance adaptability powerfulness thoroughness completeness efficacy suitableness effectualness resourcefulness economy prowess productiveness response abundance potency quantity capableness training maturity practice understanding patience contact involvement struggle sense action reality participation seasoning evidence caution existence acquaintance familiarity empiricism doing actuality combat sophistication judgment exposure practicality perspicacity observation strife trial intimacy proof worldliness inwardness forebearance dodge ingeniousness oil sharpness one's thing intuition hunch sentiment impulse feeling tendency inclination urge proclivity predisposition nose funny feeling gut reaction sixth sense quickness propensity head set turn forte mastership hang of it philosophy intelligence insight recognition learning science education awareness theory consciousness comprehension doctrine facts erudition lore enlightenment dirt dope schooling dogma substance apprehension instruction discernment scoop principles accomplishments attainments inside story ken acquirement wizardry advance advancement headway progress formula green thumb chops acumen intellect perception perceptiveness learnedness job clout sleight ease brilliance alertness brainpower reason brightness gray matter iq precocity brains acuity endowment a way with the formula style means system mode routine approach procedure manner delivery fashion tactics course execution usage modus operandi technic handiwork handicraft design artwork artisanship masterliness stratagems tools of the trade tricks of the trade specialization penetration
Know how antonyms
clumsiness inability incompetence ignorance lack ineptitude ineptness stupidity impotence awkwardness want weakness incapacity limitation inadequacy inanity paralysis avocation entertainment science unskill candor frankness honesty reality sincerity truthfulness simplicity honor ingenuousness innocence openness artlessness uncleverness ignorant heedless inattentive unaware unfriendly uninformed neglectful unconscious unknowledgeable unfamiliar insensitive submission contradiction reversal revocation subordination freedom release countermand opposition recall inappropriateness incapability inefficience recreation idleness inefficiency disability ineffectiveness helplessness heedlessness thoughtlessness unfamiliarity inexperience peace immaturity inexpertness disinclination reason unbelief misunderstanding misinterpretation mistake surrender amateurishness failure halt stoppage block decline retreat retrogression misconception fun difficulty disbelief 
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The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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